Uniforms for Purchase starting August 3rd

Posted 07/28/2017



International Academy is a uniform school. Students are expected to demonstrate respect for themselves and others by dressing in a manner conducive to learning. All clothing shall be worn in the manner in which it is designed to be worn. Adhere to this following policy:


  1. Students MUST wear an International Academy t-shirt, purchased in the front office. T-shirts are sold before and afterschool. Parents may NOT purchase similar colored shirts to replace school uniform shirt.
  2. Sweater shirts, jackets, and other layered clothing may not display obscenities; inappropriate or offensive sayings, symbols, or gestures; sayings with double meanings; or sexually suggestive messages.
  3. Hats, hoods, bandanas, scarves, sweatbands, hairnets, etc. are not allowed. No headwear should be worn in the building.
  4. Our policy concerning midriff or crop tops is NO SKIN can be showing in the midriff area. Shirts must be long enough to cover the top of the slacks/jeans/skirts and accommodate movement.
  5. Shorts and skirts must be an appropriate length. Your children should not have shorts/skirts that are shorter than the length of their fingertips when hands are down).
  6. Revealing clothing such as backless, strapless, low-cut, sheer, see-through, form fitting and off the shoulder etc. is not appropriate. Additionally, ripped jeans that have holes in them are not permitted.
  7. Sagging pants, unbuckled or hanging overall straps, or any items hanging from pants, including chains, spikes and chains with wallets are not appropriate at school.
  8. Slippers and/or pajamas are not appropriate attire for school.
  9. Make-up is not appropriate for International Academy.
  10. Due to safety concerns, Flip-Flops, high heels and platform shoes are not appropriate at International Academy. Flat shoes are recommended. Appropriate shoes for P.E. must be worn on P.E. days. Any kind of shoes with wheels in the soles is not allowed at school.
  11. Colored hair gels and fake fingernails (glue on, gel or acrylic) are not appropriate at International Academy of Denver.