Letter from Head of School- School Uniform Expectations/Attendance

Posted 01/30/2018

January 11, 2017


Dear International Academy of Denver Families,


We are proud of our beautiful school and our beautiful uniforms. Most especially, we are proud of our students’ academic success. To that end, we want all of our students to look and feel their best at school. All students at the International Academy of Denver are required to wear a uniform every day. Our uniforms consist of an orange, purple or lime green shirt, with the school logo on it. Uniforms are available in short and long sleeve t-shirts as well as hooded sweatshirts. In the past, some students have worn inappropriate non-uniform shirts under their school shirts, this is no longer allowed.


Ensuring students are at school on time, and in uniform, every day is essential so that:

  • students are easily identifiable to all IAD staff members
  • we set an intentional, academic tone for students, helping them transition from home to school by shifting to a school presentation and mindset


In addition, we expect boys and girls to wear sneakers every day for gym class and recess. As the weather cools, make sure you provide jackets, gloves and hats for your child each day.


As specified in our Parent Compact that each family signed at the beginning of the year, we expect ALL students to wear their school uniform daily. If students come to school without their IAD uniform, they will receive lunch/recess detention. Thank you to the families who have already committed to our uniform policy. If your family has financial difficulties, please let the secretaries know, so we can assist you.


We appreciate your cooperation and support. Please help us create an ideal and joyful learning environment. Our uniform colors are happy, bright, engaging and are an essential part of our school’s identity. For additional information, please direct your questions to Principal Karin Johnson or Rosa Rocha, our School Parent Liaison.


Principal Karin Johnson

Head of School