Join us for the IB Science Expo on Valentine’s Day!

Posted 02/09/2018


February 2018

Dear IAD Families,

We will not be hosting Valentine’s Day parties during school on February 14th. To ensure that your child does not lose instructional time, we will not celebrate Valentine’s Day during school hours. Our teachers and students will be teaching and learning to provide your children with the best educational opportunities possible.


Please do not bring cards or candy to school.

Please celebrate Valentine’s Day with us after school at 3:40 pm on Wednesday, February 14th in your child’s classroom.

Please join us for our school wide K-5th grade “Next Generation Science IB Expo and Valentine Celebration.” IAD students will lead their own conferences and presentations. Below is a glimpse of what parents can expect to see and hear from their child:

Kindergarten: Students will explain the stages of plant growth and show their plant-sequencing maps.

1st Grade: Students will explain what living things need to survive and how Spruce the Sea Turtle survives with sharks.

2nd Grade: Students will show their notes from observing a habitat and describe a plant’s needs.

3rd Grade: Students will describe and explain variations between organisms.

4th Grade: Students will describe and explain how traits affect survival.

5th Grade:  Students will explain and describe how animals use food matter to grow.

I look forward to celebrating your students’ academic presentations on Valentine’s Day!

With heartfelt gratitude,

Karin Johnson                                                                                                                                



P.S. Following the classroom presentations, please join us for refreshments in the cafeteria.