Your Child’s Health

Your child’s health is very important, along with their education and their time here at school. Therefore, we use these important policies to keep your child healthy and in attendance at school, as much as possible.

When should you keep your child home?

If your child is showing a temperature over 101 degrees, please keep your child home. Also, if you child has diarrhea or is vomiting. Please defer to your child’s physician for additional symptoms.

Your child’s attendance is important at school. Please do not keep your child home for a common cold and runny nose. Please check in with our front office, if you are concerned whether they should stay home or not.

When will your child be allowed to come down to the nurse office? 

We will do everything possible to ensure your child feels safe and healthy at school. Teachers will send students down to the nurse if they are showing signs of the flu, bleeding, struggling with breathing or vomiting.

At times, the nurse’s office can be used to avoid learning. We will do everything in our means to address your child’s health, while still holding them to high expectations with learning.

When should I expect a phone call home due to an injury and/or visit to health office? 

We use the B-B-B protocol. If your student is bleeding, struggling with breathing or vomiting, we will address it immediately. We will also address in physical injury that results in calling for emergency medical responses. Also, if your child has a temperature, we will be contacting you. Please reach out to us with any concerns you may have.

My child takes prescription medicine during the school day. How do I go about getting this administered correctly? 

You must meet with the school nurse before bringing any medication to school.

If my child feels ill at home, can I send them to school with medicine? 

No, please do not send your child to school with any type of medicine. We are unable to administer medication that is not been released to our school nurse. We also will not permit your child to take medicine that has been sent with them. This includes, but is not limited to: cough drops, cold medicine, tylenol, ibuprofen, antibiotic ointment, etc.

My child has a physical disability and requires accommodations? How do I get them the right support? 

Students who have a medically documented disability may receive accessibility services via a 504 Plan. Your first step is to notify the main office of your concern and speak with the nurse. Depending on your child’s medical needs, a meeting may be held to ensure your child has the correct plan in place, so that they may access the instructional school day effectively.

If it is a temporary injury, please report these to the main office, as well. We will ensure that teacher’s are aware of their condition, so your child’s well-being is addressed throughout the school day.

Where do I get the health forms for my child:

Click here to download DPS Health Forms